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"He who fails to plan is planning to fail." Winston Churchill.

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Transformative innovation

Any innovation can transform your business but transformative or disruptive innovation changes the way your customers operate.  In these cases traditional voice of the consumer research is not that effective - as Henry Ford realised a century ago.

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The difficulty is that customers are at best vague about what they want - Motorola came up with 21 different definitions of "easy to use" for one of their products - and with genuinely transformative product or service this is hard for a customer to conceptualise.

Customers have a vital point to play as they know what they need to achieve and can weigh up the risks of moving to a new innovative way of working in a way that designers only partially understand.  Regulations, skills gaps, investment strategy all have an impact on changing work processes but understanding the job to be done and how customers view success is vital to anyone looking at disrupting a market with a truly transformative solution.

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