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"He who fails to plan is planning to fail." Winston Churchill.

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 Drucker once said "Business has only two functions — marketing and innovation" but marketing is a form of innovation (process innovation) as you are using a particular technique to create a new type of behaviour in customer who would otherwise choose a different product or service. 

Communication is about providing the right information at the right place but current assessments are based on the customer engagement with your firm.  By that stage the majority of the buying process is already complete, that is why we look at Job Maps rather than traditional customer journeys.


Branding is becoming more important for companies in the digital world and we mix the Jobs to be Done technique with more traditional techniques and our own take on Keller's assessment of the brand in context.

If you want a complete assessment of your communications/marketing strategy, we will also speak to your staff, suppliers and key stakeholders as well as your target customers to give a complete picture of how your brand is communicated to the outside world including any key issues with the underlying infrastructure of the business.




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