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"He who fails to plan is planning to fail." Winston Churchill.

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Using Jobs to be Done for Customer Insight

If you are looking at just one piece of research each year then investing in a Jobs to be Done programme is highly cost effective.

Most management consultants will argue that you should spend 1% of your turnover on market research and because the Jobs to be Done process can answer so many questions it is the foundation for much of the research we offer to customers.

The biggest benefit is that it provides a framework for assessing rational and emotional aspects of the buying decision and allows for the involvement of a number of decision-makers.

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By looking at the job that customers wanted done and how they measured the success of that process you can:

  • integrate your marketing and sales activity with the journey that customers take
  • prioritise innovations and extended services that will reinforce your brand
  • assess competitors in terms of how relevant they are and who is the competition
  • understand the importance of price considerations
  • see whether you are over-servicing customers as well as not providing enough support

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Employees can also be trained to use the system to segment potential customers and improve customer service by understanding what outcomes they are measuring.  They can also segment the market according to the jobs that need to be done, highlighting current and high potential customers.

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