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"He who fails to plan is planning to fail." Winston Churchill.

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Feedback from Staff

Poor customer service can destroy a brand faster than anything else - if the customer experience is wrong then the customer may not buy and is unlikely to return.

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Planned Market Research works with Ask Your Staff to provide effective employee engagement surveys for clients that are as unique as they are but do not disengage their employees with a long monotonous questionnaire.

Employees can add a considerable amount of information and insight to a research project - in some cases they can see issues from both sides. 

They are often the starting point for other research programs such as Jobs to be Done or evidence-based business plans.  They can also provide input for customer experience research using tools such as Appreciative Inquiry and have often worked for competitors or can bring insight from previous employers.

Not all feedback from staff is through questionnaires, for instance click through figures when you send staff an update on a project or about new services can be indicate where there is apathy or hostility to change.


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