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"He who fails to plan is planning to fail." Winston Churchill.

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Most innovative businesses do not use their staff and supply chain (including customers) effectively to innovate.  Often there is no innovation strategy behind it and not enough focus is placed on the customer and market demand.  Those that do tend to assess the voice of the consumer in isolation - failing to turn their feedback into definable outcomes.

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Planned Market Research helps drive the innovation process for ambitious firms by providing innovation at:

  • the conception stage - getting staff, suppliers and customers to suggest and comment on potential new products or services
  • the implementation and adaption stage - looking at how early adopters use the product or service and whether improvements are needed to give the service or product mass market appeal
  • the marketing stage - information for companies to deliver the service or product most effectively to market

Planned Market Research uses a variant of the Output Driven Innovation technique devised by Strategyn which is 7 times more effective than traditional innovation methods.  


The technique is mainly used at the concept stage but we believe is equally effective later on in the process (design stage) as the insights still need to be contextualised.  It can also be used in marketing as this is a form innovation in its own right as it is a form of adaptive rather than transformative innovation.


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