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"He who fails to plan is planning to fail." Winston Churchill.

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Start up Market Research for £600 (£500+VAT)

If you are looking to start up a business then you should consider doing some market research, so that you understand how is already in the market place and where you may have a competitive advantage.

The start up offering is based on personal experience - the owner of the company wanted to get a third party to assess the viability of a new service and wanted a fixed price to put into his business plan.

Getting a third party to independently assess and put together information to reinforce your business plan is fundamental to many businesses as you will rarely be told the truth and often miss many of the nuances to suggest that another way of progressing may be better. This is more likely to be communicated to a third party.

How it works:

The consultation is free of charge and the fee is only charged if the proposal is accepted. This may not be the right package for you so we will suggest alternatives to consider.


Your £500 fee buys a fixed amount of time from an experienced researcher. How that fixed time is used is entirely dependent on your needs. Each package we provide is bespoke. We will discuss your needs in our consultation. If you are in doubt ask for our brochure to find out if you’re eligible or get in touch now to talk to us about your business

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