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"He who fails to plan is planning to fail." Winston Churchill.

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External Communication

It is not just getting the marketing mix right that makes good communication.

Word of mouth is crucial for most businesses so aftersales support is now as important as marketing for some products and services, but for others packaging is key.  All these are a key part of the brand and how your the market perceives you.

You need a consistent brand values across your messages and this needs to resonate with your target market.

One option that you can use is a variation of Keller's concept of branding which looks at:

  • Favourability – the extent to which associations are desirable to consumers
  • Uniqueness – the extent to which associations are limited to one market player
  • Strength – the likelihood that information is accessible and can be recalled

Another option is simply to use the Jobs to be Done framework.

Evidence-based decision making

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Customer Insight

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Marketing and PR

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