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"He who fails to plan is planning to fail." Winston Churchill.

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Evidence based marketing strategy

When companies fail to meet their growth expectations the focus inevitably falls on marketing.  Understanding the market has never been harder as the information to assess different channels varies considerably.  Analytics have changed considerably over the last few years and the immediacy of feedback can lead some marketers to focus on the wrong metrics, so they furiously create or regurgitate collateral that does not benefit the wider brand.

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We offer you an independent assessment with a strategic overview of the market and your position in it.  The plan is tailored to your needs - the 4Cs is sometimes more relevant than the 4Ps and the assessment can be linked to resources (time, skills, capital) so that recommendations are feasible.

 We combine desk research, internal information as well as talking to target customers and market influencers to produce a data driven strategy for your business.

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