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"He who fails to plan is planning to fail." Winston Churchill.

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Customer Experience Toolkit

Understanding how happy your customers are requires a system not just simply a questionnaire one or two indicators derived from a CRM system.  The tools to consider are:

  • Internal resources
  • Benchmarking platforms and social media
  • Customer feedback
  • Mystery shopping

CRM systems will give you an idea if buying habits of individual customers change which is a useful indicator of what is happening in the market and the finance team can be asked to check if customers were happy when calling to ask for payment.

This may be sufficient for some companies, but if you need more detailed information then you may want to ask customers directly for their feedback via a questionnaire.

These have to be short but need to have sufficient information to make changes actionable.

Traditional single scoring indicators like the Net Promoter Score, CSAT or hierarchy of emotional value are all useful tools but a single question is liable to misinterpretation, leading to incorrect assumptions and wasted time or money. Even the architect of the Net Promoter Score asked additional questions, most importantly why they gave that score, when he established the system.

Using a combination of these questions in a monitoring system can be highly effective but a long questionnaire will simply not be answered.  Having a small number of questions that will identify why an individual has given you a high or low score is useful and taking them through a mental journey before asking the single question score will allow you to respond to any further needs that they may have.

Benchmarking portals such as TripAdvisor will give you an idea of what customers find important and profiling sites such as Yougov profiles lite can help you picture your customer.  Social media can also give you an idea of what customers find important enough to comment on but this does need to be used with caution.

A good questionnaire will give you an idea of what action to take or where you should focus resources in the future.

Putting in place a method of testing customer service is also valuable as it looks at the journey a customer may go through and provide information on customer service in more detail than you may be able to get from the clients themselves.  However many research companies “train” their employees in a way that experienced customer service employees can spot a mile off.

Packaging and other marketing collateral can also be assessed as these are important aspects of the way the business is perceived.

There are a number of free reports provided on this site that will help you in this regard. Please click on the link to access these resources

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