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"He who fails to plan is planning to fail." Winston Churchill.

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Continuous improvement

If you are intending to produce a product or service that will allow your current customers to do a job quicker, cheaper or more effectively then this is a form of adaptive innovation as you can see from the matrix. 

 continuos improvement.JPG

As it forms 80% of business innovation, you can consider this to be more a form of continuous improvement and can be included in a number of management practices such as Kaizen, Six Sigma or Lean Manufacturing.  You will still want to understand how this helps your customers in the way they use your product or service as improvements that are not a key aspect for getting the job done can harm the business and its brand.

Why you would want to do this becomes apparent when you consider the struggling moments diagram.  Potentially you are creating an anxiety over the new service without checking that the tug of the familiar is greater than the benefits of the new solution. If the benefits you offer are unimportant or a low priority for customers when it comes to getting the job done, then a change may not be wanted.struggling moment.JPGBy training sales staff to understand and record the outcomes that customers want (this is not as straightforward as it sounds) you can create an internal system that will help prioritise the desires of customers and feed into the innovation process.



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