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"He who fails to plan is planning to fail." Winston Churchill.

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Why us?

There are a number of good market research firms out there, some with specialist expertise all offering a good standard of market research and analysis.

Like any supplier it is important to get the right company for your business which is why we recommend a consultation with a number of research firms to see which one fits.

Planned Market Research is slightly different as it tends to use the Jobs to be Done framework looking at the buying decisions based on what constitutes a successful outcome.

Our customers tell us that we are their chosen supplier:

  • Reassurance - the owner is a member of the Market Research Society and used systems that are ISO accredited
  • An ability to design projects that will give robust results
  • Value engineering to help businesses access the information that is essential for their business
  • Technical expertise - a wide range of skills from SQL to marketing theory
  • The project is dealt with by one or two people who you meet, not an office junior
  • Collaboration - we build or participate in teams built to fulfill the specialist needs of any project
  • Specialist expertise in banking, construction and engineering 
  • Honesty - if we feel that there is a specialist who is a better fit then we will tell you

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