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"He who fails to plan is planning to fail." Winston Churchill.

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Management Information

When you are making a big decision do you have all the facts at your disposal?

PlannedMarket Research tableThe default reaction of many companies to the fact that UK businesses waste £19 billion through poor management decisions is to provide additional training.

Yet if you look back at mistakes that you or your colleagues have made – how many of them are because you did not have all the facts to hand?

Sometimes this is impossible but Planned Market Research can help you with that decision – it can support your team in accessing information or understanding what data you need to make an informed decision.

We can even do the work for you, providing a third party assessment on the viability of a decision or helping you to establish a monitoring system that will highlight the strengths and opportunities for selling more to your customers.

 Conversely you can be overloaded with information so being able to limit the data or provide it in a way that is more intelligible is useful.

Sometimes you can be swapped by information.png

Planned Market Research can provide information in infographics, advise on dashboards or simply sort the wheat from the chaff for you so that you are only looking at robust, relevant data.

Evidence-based decision making

Understand your market
to maximise opportunity.

Customer Insight

Can you afford not to know
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Marketing and PR

Strengthen your brand
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